Bulk transport

At Halléns Transport & Logistics AB, we have many years experience in bulk transport, both in Sweden and abroad. We deal with dry bulk, liquid bulk, pressureless and pressurised vessels. We have over 60 trucks and approximately 100 specialist trailers at our disposal, including tipper trailers with rotary feeders, silo trucks and road trains.

Deliveries take place mainly at terminals and ports in Gothenburg, but also around southern Sweden. For example, cargo containing plastic granules, flour, starch, cement products and liquid goods are common products, which are usually delivered to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

At our terminals in Gothenburg and Stenungsund where our offices are based, we also have a hardstand for parking heavy vehicles. In our modern lining facilities, we are able to line containers and prepare them for new loads.

Please contact us if you require transport.

Quality and the environment are important to us at Halléns Transport & Logistics AB. Our ambition is to offer our customers the most reliable, safe and environmentally friendly transport services on the market. Since 1995, we are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standard, and since 2002, in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard. These two standards form part of our internal operational system called HVS. Additionally, we work in accordance with the systematic work environment management provision AFS 2001:1, as well as various instructions that focus on business and customer safety.

Our drivers are on permanent contracts, and we comply with current working conditions and collective agreements. We have approx. 80 employees divided between drivers and workers at our offices, service stations and terminals. We use a modern vehicle management system that allows our fleet management team to track vehicles, trailers and containers in real time. Vehicle computers provide our drivers with access to GPS, fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking, as well as two-way communication with our fleet management team. The system also enables us to monitor operating costs, road safety issues, driving times and rest periods.