As a carrier and freight forwarder, Halléns Transport & Logistics AB has signed insurance agreements that protect goods and equipment while they are in the company’s hands, in accordance with current regulations for CMR, NSAB 2015¹, Alltrans 2007² and BULK 20.

Any damages, losses etc., for which Halléns is responsible are compensated for in accordance with respective regulations. However, laws and conventions can significantly limit the carrier’s responsibility. In order for our customers to be fully insured, we recommend that they take out separate insurance through their own insurance company, which covers all transport-related damages with the exception of those stated in the terms and conditions.

¹ = with the exception of §25 A in which we recommend that the customer takes responsibility for insurance.
² = with the exception of §1 b-c unless a special agreement has been reached and Halléns has had the opportunity to inform its insurance company about this particular situation.