Halléns Transport & Logistics AB has five sideloaders that enable loading and unloading from ground level and in restricted spaces. We operate the sideloaders mainly between the port in Gothenburg and customers in and around Gothenburg and Stenungsund, however we also operate outside of this area if necessary. Our sideloaders are able to handle 20, 30 and 40 foot containers.

Please contact us if you require the use of sideloaders.

Halléns Transport & Logistics AB is a family-owned company founded by Gösta and Marianne Hallén in 1965. From the start, its vision was to become an industry pioneer. This mindset permeates the company until today, which now sees it greatly expanded. In addition to the offices, warehouse and service station at Hisingen in Gothenburg, we have also established ourselves in Stenungsund, with the aim of providing a better service to customers in the petrochemical industry.

Our drivers are on permanent contracts, and we comply with current working conditions and collective agreements. We have approx. 80 employees divided between drivers and workers at our offices, service stations and terminals. We use a modern vehicle management system that allows our fleet management team to track vehicles, trailers and containers in real time. Vehicle computers provide our drivers with access to GPS, fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking, as well as two-way communication with our fleet management team. The system also enables us to monitor operating costs, road safety issues, driving times and rest periods.