Halléns Transport AB has as transporter and forwarder, suscribed to insurances that protect cargo and equipment while they are under our control in accordance with applicable regulations of CMR, NSAB 2015 ¹, Alltrans 2007 ² and BULK 91.

Arising damages, losses, etc., where Halléns is responsible, is compensated in accordance with the respective regulation. Laws and conventions can limit the transporters liability significantly. If our customers shall be insured up to the full value, we recommend that they obtain a separate cargo insurance from their own insurance company and to conditions that covers all transport damages except for those in our conditions.

¹ = with the exception of § 27 C3, where we instead recommend customer to take himself the insurance responsibility ² = with the exception of § 1 b-c unless special agreement has been made and Halléns thus has been given a chance to inform their insurance company of this special relationship

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 NSAB 2015 ENG.pdf