In the following text you can read about how we at Halléns Transport och Logistics AB, 556107-8634, Hildedalsgatan 6, 417 05 Gothenburg, Sweden manage cookies and similar technologies.


Cookies and similar technologies

We use cookies and similar technologies on our website and in our online services. We explain here how we use cookies and the choices you can make with regard to our cookies. If you only visit our website at, we process data such as browser settings and platform, as well as user-generated data, for example click and visit history. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser’s settings, see below for more information about how to do this.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. Cookies are normally used to enhance the website for the user, for example to be able to adapt a website according to the visitor’s preferences and choices. These text files are sent from MSS or our partners’ web servers and are saved on your computer as described below.

We use various cookies:

  • Session cookies are a temporary cookies that stop when you close your browser or device.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer until you remove them or they expire or are deleted.
  • First-party cookies are cookies created by the website you are visiting.
  • Third-party cookies are cookies created by a third-party site. Cookies that are used, for example, to collect information for advertising and customised content, and for website statistics can be so-called third-party cookies.
  • Similar technologies are technologies that store information in your browser or device in a way similar to cookies.


Why do we use cookies?

The cookies we use normally enhance the web-based services we offer. Some of our services need cookies to work correctly, while others enhance the services for you. We use cookies and similar technologies for general analytical information relating to your use of our website and to save functional information. We also use cookies to be able to direct relevant marketing towards you.


We primarily use the following cookies:

Google Analytics

These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website.

Data is collected anonymously and reports are summarised about the number of visitors, time spent on the site and which pages were visited. For additional information about Google’s privacy rules, click on the following link.

If you do not want your visits to this website to appear in the statistics in Google Analytics, there is an add-on that you can install in your browser. You can download the add-on from Google’s website.


This cookie is used to present advertisements when you leave our website. The cookie analyses pages you have looked at on our websites and takes you to a relevant advertisement on an external website. For additional information about Google’s privacy rules, click on the following link.

Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is an analytical tool that helps us to measure how effective our advertisements are by interpreting actions our visitors perform on our website. The pixel can also be used to target advertising at people who have previously visited our website. You can find out more about the Facebook pixel here.


We obtain your consent to the processing of personal data on the behalf of Albacross Nordic AB (“Albacross”).

Information collected from cookies set in your device that qualifies as personal data will be processed by Albacross, a company offering lead identification and ad targeting services with offices in Stockholm and Krakow. Please see below for full contact details.

The purpose of the processing of the personal data is that it enables Albacross to improve a service rendered to us and our website (e.g. “Lead Generation” service), by adding data to their database about companies.

The data that is collected and used by Albacross to achieve this purpose is information about the IP address from which you visited our website and technical information that enables Albacross to tell apart different visitors from the same IP address. Albacross stores the domain from form input in order to correlate the IP address with your employer.

For the full information about our processing of personal data, please see their full Privacy Policy.

You may withdraw your consent to this processing at any time. Such withdrawal may be made by contacting Albacross directly. 


This data can be used for analytical purposes and in order to target personally adapted advertisements to you on third-party websites. Use the links below to find out more about the processing of your personal data and how you can inspect, erase and export what is saved about your browser.

Marketing partner Data life span Privacy Policy
BidTheatre AB 90 days Privacy Policy


Feel free to visit or to find out more about cookies, e.g. how you can see which cookies you have received, and how to manage and erase them.

Browser manufacturers provide help pages about cookies in their products. See below for more detailed information.

For other browsers, you can consult the information provided by the browser’s manufacturer.