Road Safety Policy

Our ambition is that with a management basis, to prevent and to take measures to minimize the risk of road accidents where vehicles / drivers from Halléns or its representatives are involved.


This means, among other things, that employees and management within the company and its representatives ...

  • ... hold a valid driving license
  • ... always use seat belts
  • ... respects the driving and rest time rules
  • ... is alcohol- and drugfree, incl. strong medications, and avoid driving when we are tired
  • ... respect the existing weight rules
  • ... keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition
  • ... secure the cargoin a responsible manner
  • ... has a planned and responsible performance of the vehicle with regard to other road users to avoid traffic accidents in order to protect our reputation and brand
  • ... respect and comply with speed limits and taking into account the road conditions
  • ... strive not to accept assignments that means we have to break the policy and its implications