Environmental Policy

Halléns Transport & Logistics AB is selling and performing domestic and international transports. Transports has a proven impact on the environment and, therefore, we believe that caring for the environment and environmental issues are important. Our actions are guided by what is ecologically motivated, technically possible, financially reasonable and taking into account the customer demands.

This shall be achieved by:

  • We shall respect and comply with rules and laws, and have good foresight for future legislative changes.
  • We shall carry out our services with ever less environmental impact without reducing quality.
  • We shall create and maintain actions and business processes for continuous improvement and sustainable development.
  • We shall make the environmental policy known to all in the company and make it available externally.
  • We shall constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources.
  • We shall prevent incidents and accidents that negatively affect the environment, health and material.
  • We shall on the  market be considered as an environmentally conscious transport company.

Our environmental policy is established by the top management and is the basis for determining our environmental objectives and targets. The environmental policy is communicated to all employees of Halléns by the operational system HVS and to all subcontractors through our annual agreements.