Halléns Transport & Logistics AB's main business is transport and handling of bulk loads and containers both domestic, within Scandinavia, but also internationally. We can also offer sideloader-, ADR- and special transports. In addition, we have, among others, specialized in lining of containers (bag-in-box containers) and have equipment for silo evacuation (in case of accidents, breakdowns of bulk devices etc.)

To assist us, we have a modern vehicle management system where our traffic control can monitor all our equipment (both trucks, trailers and a number of containers) in real time. In the trucks we have on-board computers where our drivers have access to GPS, own fuel and vehicle monitoring (eco-driving) and bi-directional communication via text messages with our traffic control.

The system also allows us to monitor operating costs, road safety related issues, driving- and rest times and better opportunities to minimize waiting times and unnecessary mileage.

Halléns Transport & Logistics AB has more than 100 different chassis, all designed for different types of loads and most are ADR approved. We have:

  • Sideloaders
  • Tipping chassis with and without rotary valve
  • Link chassis
  • Tank vehicles
  • Mega chassis, SDU (Self Delivering Units which has its own compressor, hydraulic and motor)
  • Etc.

Some more pictures of our vehicles, chassis and special equipment: